Kim and brother Scott in one of the earliest “Crew of Two” productions

“Crew of Two” Productions:
Kim Sheridan’s first two films at EnLighthouse Entertainment were “Crew of Two” productions. She and her husband, Jameth, collaborated on the films. Kim wrote, directed, and produced, while Jameth handled the camera operation and various technical aspects of production. Both Kim and Jameth stared in and edited the films. Good versus Evil and Plight of the Earth Fairy™, in addition to being “Crew of Two” productions, were also made as part of a 48-hour film competition. In this 48-Hour Film Project, a short narrative film had to be written, filmed, and produced within 48 hours. Further, the films were required to include certain elements.

Kim’s third film, What’s Up?, was also made as part of a short competition. What’s Up? was created as part of the 2010 International Documentary Challenge, in which a short non-fiction film had to be written, filmed, and produced within a five-day period. While only Kim appears in What’s Up?, both she and Jameth worked on the film.

It turns out that the two “Crew of Two” EnLighthouse films were not Kim’s first! Digging in the vault, we came across an earlier “Crew of Two” production photograph. The above picture shows Kim and her enthusiastic co-star, brother Scott, in a very early “Crew of Two” production.