Earth Fairy™ Films

These short and sweet films are the first of a whole series of films starring Kim Sheridan as the Earth Fairy™. To stay informed of where and when the films are playing, and when they will be released on DVD, please join the email list (below). For more information on the first three Earth Fairy™ Films, as well as additional films by Kim Sheridan with an emphasis on our environment and/or its inhabitants, please continue scrolling down.

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Plight of the Earth Fairy™
Living in the shadow of the Tooth Fairy, the Earth Fairy™ has an identity crisis and seeks professional help. [Find out more at The Official Site of the Earth Fairy™]

The Earth Fairy’s™ Dilemma

The Earth Fairy™ is faced with an important and difficult decision that may determine the fate of the Earth. [Find out more at The Official Site of the Earth Fairy™]

Saving the Next Generation: The Earth Fairy’s™ Perspective

With the assistance of a volunteer whose focus is on saving the next generation, the Earth Fairy™ gives her own perspective on the subject. [Find out more at The Official Site of the Earth Fairy™]

What’s Up?

A small film crew looks up at the sky and contemplates what’s really going on with our environment. This award-winning short film is Kim Sheridan’s first documentary. More information is available on the official website! [Details]

Good versus Evil

Detective Good makes history by bringing out the good in everyone. This was Kim Sheridan’s very first film, made entirely by a crew of two – in 48 hours. [Details]

Animals and the Afterlife

Coming soon: Feature-length documentary based on the award-winning book, Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends’ Journey Beyond Death. [Details coming soon]

Photo by Amalya ~

Go Green Already!™ The Film

This compelling feature-length documentary covers the real issues surrounding today’s environmental crisis; and it offers practical, everyday steps people can take to make a difference… before it’s too late. [Details]







GMO: You Need To Know!

GMO: You Need To Know! discusses the critically important issue of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. This is Director Kim Sheridan’s  second short documentary, filmed as part of the 2013 International Doc Challenge. [Details]


Other Film Projects in the Works:

Be the Change – A short film with an important message.
Healthy Chick®
– The Girl Power way to a happy, healthy life.
Healthy Hunk™
– Keeping the guys happy and healthy, too!