Kim Sheridan, Founder

As a child, Kim Sheridan spent much of her free time engaged in one form of entertainment or another. She often wrote, produced, and performed plays, puppet shows, and other productions for her family, friends, and neighbors. She was an active cast and crew member of school plays and church productions, even earning a special Girlscout badge by adapting a play called “The Miracle Worker” (about the life of Helen Keller) for a crew of three, in which she played the leading role as Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller’s teacher.

In college, Kim dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker and tried to enroll in a Film Production program but was daunted by a six-year waiting list. Her life then went off in other directions. However, Kim’s film-making dreams never died, so she founded EnLighthouse Entertainment, and finally just went ahead and started making weekend films for the 48 Hour Film Project and other weekend film competitions.

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